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Monday, 4 August 2014

Xiaomi? Really?

Despite the fact that i am in UK, being in contact with friends and fb made me not deprived by news about Xiaomi, especially when i just recently lost my phone. Quite a few Malaysians asked me to buy xiaomi, or Mi3 its more posh name.

The first thing that i noticed, well, even b4 I did my research really, is that it stays true to it's china market tactics. Which is copy the best, and sell it cheap. 

Then i came to a few articles about them blatantly copying other major smartphone companies.
link (chinese website): http://www.saydigi.com/2014/08/mi-copy-apple.html#sthash.i4yCkgMH.gbpl
link english: http://www.cultofandroid.com/66569/xiaomi-dont-copy-apple/ 

Not that it was shocking, mind you, it is expected from a chinese market. But what really is shocking is the comment section from the chinese or asian or wad not la. 

'The author is just bias.'
'Copying is a form of flattery'
'Stop hating because it si good.'

Bla bla bla

I guess copying is a form of flattery but really? WHen it has no innovation and even copy advertisements, the way steve job dressed, and his presentation? 

Meh. Why would anyone want to encourage this kind of movement. It is like what is happening int the pharmaceutical field, companies just rework the same drugs and is unwilling to dive into the unknown, because it is just more profitable to do so. 

But then again it is very much cheaper compared to it competitors, and i guess that is wad all matters in the asia community. 

My heart to skip a beat when i saw the price tag. But i am quite disgusted with their obvious imitation, a company without dignity. And i have to say how the company operates does influence my decision to purchase its products, take innocent smoothies for instance, oh how i love their charming ways lol.

So yeah. i ended up buying an lg3 g3, its not as cheap as xiao mii, but not as ex as apple either. Call me a hipster. lol

Another shift of pace

Ugh, as i said in my previous blogpost, i am now in another phase of my education.

Sometimes i don really like my university timetable, it shifts every 4 weeks, and i always need to get a few days to get use to it. The study hours changes, the people i meet, the placements changes, the things i hav to racked up in my brains changes too. Friends have to actively find time for each other, so does being with Bear. And the fact tat my current accommodation has no internet does not help at all.

Am i too rigid in a sense? I do enjoy the shifts and the non monotonous routine, but really, after you get past tat hot blooded ideology i wonder why people find it exciting at all. Or mayb i am just getting older and grumpier.

Anyways, this is a feeble attempt to rant and explain my lack of updates. But you guys will see more of me now. hopefully.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

throwback Wednesday: confrontation

This is an old post just in case.

".... u know abt me, abt wad i am." I said calmly.

"but its not like i tell u in your face, its because you r  my housemate, and you saw bear coming in and out."

"you should know that I don tell ppl that I am... wad i am." I realised tat my voice started to choke.

"and yet, a friend told me someone told a crowd in the bus that Bunny is gay."

"when he asked where did the information come from, your name is mentioned." I could feel the tears accumulating in my eyes.

I looked up the ceiling, determined that my tears will not fall. Bunny you r stronger than this. You have anticipated this since the very beginning.

But tears were fighting to get out.

"oh... ... errr... is it  unrescueble (there was no such word i think, but its meant to be can it be saved?)"?"my housemate replied sheepishly.

"I... you know what, its fine." I bolted out the room, ran into my room.

and started sobbing.

Y did i cry?

I don know... but i do know i will need days to recollect myself.

Wao, y all my popular post are about my sexuality, but i guess it is expected since these are significant events in my digital diary.

I thank all of those who sent their comforting messages on that day. It is really a bit dark
Posted on 14 March 2014

Monday, 28 July 2014

COMIC: fire alarm then and now

You know for the past 4 years we just hav too many false alarm to the point tat we just don care. I think the seniors will die when there is a real fire. -.- 

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Cake Love: Line's Cony and Brown cake!

Well, anyone know what is Line? It is a wonderful messaging app that has cute stickers (wayyyyy b4 facebook's)

One particular theme of Line's stickers is my absolute favourite. Its Cony and Brown, who are a couple that kinda resonates bear and I. In fact, my current blog is named after then (link the post abt my blog name.)

This cake is peanut butter sponge and buttercream. I made it for bear as I am heading down to visit him. It is made up of fondant, as u can see corners are a bit rugged, since i am an amateur. Hey, my love for him should make up the difference lol.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Travel: Italy: Florence: following Dan Brown

Anyone read Inferno, Dan Brown?

Well, let us put this on the line first, I hate Dan Brown.

There, i said it. His over repetitive style of writing, its always Prof Langdon on the run, who happened to be with a smart intelligent, but slightly dumb woman so that Langdon can explain his over-elaborated description of some building. Then the bad guy, is always the pseudo good guy who is ever so resourceful.

I hate this book with additional passion, for those who haven read it and is going to, well... jz be prepared to roll ur eyes.

So y i am reading this? Cuz i am being a part of the herd. His books are popular, so as much as i don his literature,  i still need to read up to kinda catch the latest conspiracy. lol.

So yeah, Inferno, is a book abt Landon running around in.... Florence! Well Venice too, but Florence mainly.

So, Florence. Its an hour or two from Pisa (click my story abt pisa and tower pushers here and evil bear in pisa here)

The most popular place in florence is obviously the florence square, Piazza del Duomo where a small square had more than 3 historical buildings, the duomo, the gate of paradise, the cathedral bla bla bla.... Meaning, there's no space to take pictures at all, just look at my poor attempts of taking photos. I have got to say though, the crowd is crazy.

If anyone read the book, you would definitely remember Dan Brown, or Langdon, in Inferno, talked abt the gates of paradise. The sheer beauty of it that will take everyone's breath away. Well, i think after the book, i think i have too high expectations for everything. Look at this. 

Its not like it made me in awe of its randiant beauty, but I guess give it a C for effort lol.
Though the book really made it quite popular. 

Though you cant take a good pic in the square, you can certainly climb to the top of the hill and take a nice pic. Climbing The Basilica of San Miniato al Monte is considered the number one thing to do and you get to see the bird's eye view of Florence. You do really get the feeling that you are in some kind of movie, running around the small alleys, yet still not far away from elegant artworks. You can feel the vibe, the sense of excitement envelopes around this city. 

There are certainly many other things to see. But being lazy, here are a very few photos. I spent 2 days in Florence, and i can say its definitely not enuf. Gotta come to this city once guys, jz don read dan brown. -.-

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

TB wed: COMIC: my first time coming out to a straight guy

post was posted on 30/1/2013

Its my fault for even suggesting tat i am gay. I told him tat my boyfriend got me my rilakkuma, which is true and he kept pestering me. I have a habit of not lying abt my sexuality to ppl (apart from acquaintances), i usually divert the topic with jokes and smiles.

He is a straight guy.

we jz know each other for 4 months. 

GAwd wad did i throw myself into????

But he is exceptionally nice, he said he wont disappoint me. -_-

well, let's see how awkward i can be when i see him tomorrow in lectures. =\

2014: We r still friends, though we had our ups and downs, the friendship still survives. i think. 
more abt tat nxt time.