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Monday, 4 August 2014

Xiaomi? Really?

Despite the fact that i am in UK, being in contact with friends and fb made me not deprived by news about Xiaomi, especially when i just recently lost my phone. Quite a few Malaysians asked me to buy xiaomi, or Mi3 its more posh name.

The first thing that i noticed, well, even b4 I did my research really, is that it stays true to it's china market tactics. Which is copy the best, and sell it cheap. 

Then i came to a few articles about them blatantly copying other major smartphone companies.
link (chinese website): http://www.saydigi.com/2014/08/mi-copy-apple.html#sthash.i4yCkgMH.gbpl
link english: http://www.cultofandroid.com/66569/xiaomi-dont-copy-apple/ 

Not that it was shocking, mind you, it is expected from a chinese market. But what really is shocking is the comment section from the chinese or asian or wad not la. 

'The author is just bias.'
'Copying is a form of flattery'
'Stop hating because it si good.'

Bla bla bla

I guess copying is a form of flattery but really? WHen it has no innovation and even copy advertisements, the way steve job dressed, and his presentation? 

Meh. Why would anyone want to encourage this kind of movement. It is like what is happening int the pharmaceutical field, companies just rework the same drugs and is unwilling to dive into the unknown, because it is just more profitable to do so. 

But then again it is very much cheaper compared to it competitors, and i guess that is wad all matters in the asia community. 

My heart to skip a beat when i saw the price tag. But i am quite disgusted with their obvious imitation, a company without dignity. And i have to say how the company operates does influence my decision to purchase its products, take innocent smoothies for instance, oh how i love their charming ways lol.

So yeah. i ended up buying an lg3 g3, its not as cheap as xiao mii, but not as ex as apple either. Call me a hipster. lol


  1. I'm still a Samsung fans...
    Hey dude, just dropping by your blog. BTW, I'm TZ.

  2. I have a Jolla, its great.... and is not iOS, Android. or Windows...